Alyria's Picture Index


This is a list of photos of Alyria. Theoretically, everything should be accessible from here. Let me know if it isn't.

This list is ostensibly in reverse chronological order. Actually, it isn't quite that neat.

Alyria's School Portraits. The plan is to update this page every year.


A few photos from September. Sorry, this one is kinda skimpy.

June 5 School Concert.

June 2 Peoples Fair. Alyria was on her Tae Kwon Do demo team, and they did a show at the People's Fair.

May in Leadville, CO. We went there for a political convention, and Dad and Alyria went sightseeing while Mom played politician.

April 13 TKD Graduation.

February TKD Graduation.


November TKD Graduation.

October Halloween Stuff.

October 13 Aurora Fall Festival.

July 14 TKD graduation.

July 13 Children's Museum.

June the Pink Adventure. How we started coloring Alyria's hair all those crazy colors!


Old format photos from March 1998. This is a series of several pages from my old home page.

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