Blizzard 2003 -- The Back Yard

Here are photos of the snow in the back. One thing to remember while you are looking at these photos: Our wood privacy fence is six feet high.

Here's the view from the kitchen sink. All the evergreens are slumping under the weight of the snow.

This is a picture of our gas grill, under all the snow. The tree in the back is our lilac. You can see that around the lilac, the snow reaches up to the top of the fence.

The northwest corner of the yard.

The back yard fence. Those bits of wire you may or may not be able to see near the wood fence are the tops of the four foot fence around Mom's vegetable garden.

Yes, that's my swingset. The snow goes up to the top of the slide.

Oh, and past the fence is a two-lane each way, divided street. See it? Neither do I.

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Last updated March 20, 2003