Blizzard 2003 -- The Front Yard

Here are photos of the front yard. We couldn't get far; the snow was so high that Mom couldn't even walk through it as it was up to her hips. Between the sheer depth of the snow and her arthritis, she decided she'd stay inside and make this webpage while we worked on digging out. (Okay, while dad dug out and I played.) There are captions below each picture.

The view out the front window. I was so excited I kept telling Mom to look! I've never seen this much snow.

This is the snow overhang in the front, as seen from the inside.

Here's part of the overhang, Dad's truck, and the neighbors across the street. No, you aren't imagining things, the street has disappeared.

The view out our front door.

More of the yard from our front door. That wood fence going from the center to the right is about hip high to Mom.

More front yard pictures

Last updated March 20, 2003