Blizzard 2003 -- The Front Yard

Page 3 -- the digging out

This is the view from right inside the front door. The door opens inside, so we could open it. The storm door opens outside, however...

So in order to get out, we went through the storm door.

Dad made it to the garage. Unfortunately, at that point, he realized that Pantera and I had been playing with the snow shovel last week. It was lying in the middle of the yard, under all that snow. Dad was not pleased.

So he packed down some of the snow with me. (Not really, but it makes a good story.)

He also tossed me into the snow drift in front of the door. It had something to do with my throwing a snowball at him, I think.

He hauled me back up, but Phyllis had asked for a picture of me caked in snow. This photo is for you, Phyllis.

Then I decided to make the snowdrift into a throne.

Since we couldn't get to the snow shovel, we used a trash can. Eventually, Kent made it over with a snowblower so we could actually dig out.

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Last updated March 20, 2003