The Blizzard of 2003

We we warned. All the weather people said that it was going to be a really big storm. And then we got the blizzard warning.

It started by raining on Monday. By midnight, it had turned to snow. It continued to snow -- a LOT -- till after dark on Wednesday. The official measurement of snow in Aurora was 40 inches. I think we got a bit more.

I (Alyria) haven't been to school this week since Monday, and won't be going back on Friday, either. Mom keeps saying "We need the moisture, but all at once?"

Here are several pages of pictures:

The front yard

The back yard

The Bassets -- dealing with snow 3 times their height.

Please be aware that these pages are definitely bandwidth intensive. If you are looking at this via dialup, go get a cup of coffee while they load.

Last updated March 20, 2003